Laptop repair specialist for IBM & Apple Mac


Apr 27, 2009
Services to all areas of Buenos Aires Capital.

Argentine/Australian (English Speaker) Laptop Computer & Data Recovery Technician.

Services available from 10am to 9pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

Mobile: 15 5600 8680.
Email: [email protected]


My name is Ricardo & I specialize in the following three main areas of Laptop & Desktop services for PC-(IBM Compatible) & Apple Mac computers:

1. Software (in English / French / Italian / German / Spanish etc)
2. Hardware.
3. Data Recovery.

Here's a list of just some of the many repair services I am able to provide you with:

~Virus removal, data backup & program re-installations in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish etc.
~ Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac & Linux installations in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish etc.
~ Data Recovery for ALL operating systems: Win/Mac/Linux.
~ Data Recovery for all media types inc hard disks, pen drives, CDs DVDs etc.
~ All Software trouble shooting & Re-installations for Windows, Mac OSX & Linux
~ Motherboard Repairs: replacement of surface mount components such as capacitors/transistors/resistors/ICs etc.
~ Hardware & Software Upgrades.
~ Broken LCD Screen Replacement.
~ Back-light inverter replacements/repairs.
~ Dark LCD screen problems fixed.
~ Broken/Damaged Power socket/connectors repairs.
~ DATA RECOVERY for all types of hardware failure.
~ Memory replacement/upgrades.
~ Hard disk replacements/upgrades.
~ Apple Mac & PC/IBM compatibles
~ Internet & Wireless Networking Problem troubleshooting.

HARDWARE repairs for PC/IBM Compatibles & Apple Mac:
This area of repair service covers the range from restoring a dead/faulty motherboard, replacing or fixing a faulty LCD screen back-light or inverter circuit, cracked LCD screen replacement, restoring a damaged power connector socket, replacing faulty electronic semi-conductor components, through to chip level repairs.
All issues require careful scrutiny so as to minimise the end cost of restoring a motherboard or LCD.

SOFTWARE solutions for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac & Linux in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish etc:
Nothing is more important than your precious personal photos, documents & data. And when it comes to an operating system recovery/re installation, my standard procedure is to make two different types of data back ups, on two separate storage media. The first backup is an exact original image copy of your hard disk in what ever state your disk was in at the time that you brought it in to me. The secondary backup is a manual copy of all your important personal files excluding the operating system files that may have been infected by a virus or Trojan. In this manner, I can ensure firstly that no files are ever lost in the process of restoring your system back to working condition while at the same time your data will be put through a thorough virus scan & cleaning process insuring all your documents, pictures & files are safely & spotlessly cleaned BEFORE they are restored and put back into your new working operating system.

PROFESSIONAL DATA RECOVERY SERVICE for all Media types & Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac & Linux:
As you may already be aware, the are many ways that data loss can occur, from accidentally deleted files, partition errors, boot sector viruses etc to the more serious hardware related problems such as bad sector damage, non spinning disks, electronic failure, accidental drop/shock damage or power surges etc. The bottom line is that most of the time your data can be recovered, partially or whole, but it will all depend on the level of professional expertise & experience by those who offer to recover the data for you. Most computer shops or 'servicio tecnicos' are ill equipped for such delicate & specialised recovery procedures. Your hard disk may only have 30 or so minutes of life left before you loose all your data permanently. Even if your drive & data files are invisible, chances are high that I will still be able to recover your data provided your media is handed over to me in time. It is absolutely imperative that the exact & correct recovery procedure is applied to that media in that crucial window of time while your disk is still able to spin or function. My background & wealth of experience in Data Recovery while sub-contracting my work to various other service centres back in Sydney over the last 13 years, has enabled me to confidently provide you with this added security when working on your laptop or desktop computer. Ensuring that the chances of serious data loss have been greatly minimised while your computer is under my care.

About my services for APPLE MAC:
Having worked as a professional data recovery specialist for other Apple Service Centres back in Sydney and also personally owning & using Mac Powerbooks for the last few years has given me a deeper appreciation of the company & it's products. As a daily Mac user myself, I am able to provide you with a comprehensive range of dedicated services specifically for Mac. Be it hardware, software or Data Recovery, I am the complete one stop service for all your Apple Mac needs.

Generally speaking, the repair & service of laptops & netbooks is a very specialized field, and so the skill level needed is much higher to that required when performing work on the larger conventional desktop computer systems. Motherboards are repaired rather than just swapped. Requiring a more rare balance in skills involving electronics, programming & manual precision. This level of expertise becomes even more significant when entering the field of Professional Data Recovery Services.

My work in technology has been driven by my natural interest & passion in the field. Working professionally in portable technology since 1995 has enabled me to amass a wide range of specialised skills in laptop Hardware, software & data recovery services. I'm based in Barrio Norte & can come to your home or office. Please feel free to call me any time between 10am & 9pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

Mobile tel #: Buenos Aires 15 5600 8680.
I had a fantastic experience with notebook.fix. I recently damaged my LCD screen, and had much difficulty finding a computer repair shop for my laptop. After I called Ricardo, he went out of his way to find low cost, high quality equipment, and conveniently came to my home in order to fix my damaged laptop...that same day!
Ricardo has been a very good trustfully person to help with my PC.
I have no hesitation in recommending him.
KookieNiva said:
Can you take a dell ( Inspiron)?



Yes I can definitely service Dell, all models.
I work on all laptop brands, IBM compatibles (PC) & mac.

Thank you.
Ricardo just cleaned my gf's Dell and my HP. Seems to work fine now. I am very happy with his services. Can definitely recommend.
Ricardo (Notebookfix) helped me to reconfigure my computer so it will download eBooks. He was very professional, knowledgeable, reasonable, and a great guy to boot!

I highly recommend him.

And no, to the poster who antagonizes everyone, I don't get a commission.
I called Ricardo after seeing the messages in this forum and fully agree with what was said here. He came quickly, was very professional and helpfull for a very reasonable price.

I also highly recommend him (and do not get commission eather).
Ricardo recently cleaned and repaired my HP laptop. He did a great job and thoroughly explained the problems and what he did to fix them, and the repair only took 1 day! Strongly recommended.
Hi all,

This is a very busy time of the year for me in laptop servicing & data recovery, & so I wish to share with you some of my experience and hopefully be able to offer you some 'precautionary advice' to positively contribute in helping you to maximise the life span of your precious hardware. Avoiding the common pitfalls that may occur while using portable technology.

As expected, lately I have been getting many laptops with overheating problems. The continued use of a laptop that is overheating can lead to various negative consequences, the most common being the reduced lifespan of your laptop's motherboard & most importantly the danger posed to your hard disk & all it's data. Depending on your laptop's manufacturer, design & model, and please keep in mind that most Laptop manufacturers do not manufacture their own hard disks except for brands like Fujitsu & Toshiba- a hard disk may be forced to operate under much higher temperature ranges than what it was originally designed to work in, BTW Apple Macs also use the exact same hard disk brands & models that PC/IBM compatibles use inside their computers.

A Hard disk is the most vulnerable component inside of your computer, this device that operates with such amazingly high precision has the most moving parts in your system & is especially susceptible to damage as a result of being made to operate at higher than the safe temperature ranges that it was originally designed to work within. It is the single most vulnerable part of your computer that is statistically most likely to fail, even without your interference.

Excessively high temperatures equals danger to your hard disk & it's data. This fact could be compared with the medical condition of High Blood Pressure, it can be the silent killer of your computer's hard disk.

Ideally, a safe temp range for most hard disks should be between 38°C to 44°C (100.4 to 111.2°F) The temperature should not be too far bellow 38°C (100.4°F) either or this could also shorten the life span of your drive. A hard disk should not be operating too far bellow the temperature point of 30°C (86°F) as it needs to be above a certain friction reducing threshold level for the minimisation of it's overall wear & tear.

Similarly for your laptop's mother board, you would ideally want your temperature point to sit somewhere near the 40°C (104°F) and not too much above the 44°C (111.2 °F) mark.

There are two main reasons for excessive temperatures inside your laptop, the first is to do with the body design of your laptop, it may not be optimal for the purpose of good cooling. Often Style & looks wins out over function. The second reason for overheating is that your cooling system may be clogged up with a build up of lint & dust particles inside where the CPU's heat sink assembly meets the small cooling grill. This area is where the air is pushed outwards by your laptop's internal cooling fan to the cooling grill that is part of the heat sink assembly that allows for the dissipation of excess heat from your Central Processing Unit (CPU) & possibly your video graphics chip as well. This is the most common cause of overheating & it's very likely that it will not be designed to be user serviceable or cleanable. More often than not you'll need to call in a well qualified laptop technician who is competently skilled in disassembling your laptop in order to clean & restore the cooling system to good working order. Apart from motherboard repairs/data recovery and many other services, this is a very common task that I am often called upon to perform.

Please note that if your cooling system is already blocked up by dust & lint etc, then there is no amount of external cooling that will help until you get the laptop serviced & cleaned out properly. At the very least, I would advice that you have your laptop checked for cooling system blockages once a year. Even though you may still feel hot air being pushed out of your laptop's case, the air being expelled will not be pushed out fast enough to maintain the desired temperature range that your system requires.

Another good sign that your laptop is running above a safe temperature range is a noisy or overworking fan. The laptops internal heat sensor is over compensating for the extreme heat & so the fan is instructed to spin much faster, in turn wearing out your fan, shortening your motherboards life span & putting your hard disk & data in the danger zone.

Even if you don't get excessive heat levels in your laptop I would still advice that you go out & spend AR$60 to AR$70 pesos to buy a 'Notebook Cooler Pad', in Spanish they are called 'Base Para Notebook con Ventilador'. For those who may not be familiar, a Notebook Cooler Pad is a cooling system designed only to complement your laptops' own internal cooling system. It is a simple device consisting of a main fan or a set of smaller fans built into a plastic base that your laptop will sit on top of.

It's recommended that Notebook Cooler Pads be used in both, PC/IBM compatible Laptops & Mac Notebooks/Powerbooks. Especially in the case of Mac, my experience has been that they are prone to operate at higher temperatures. On average I see more Macs with hard drive failure than PC notebooks, and please don't take this as some indirect swipe at Apple Mac products as I am also an avid Mac fan who uses Mac products on a daily basis.

For the cost of around US$18, these notebook cooler pads are well worth their value. Even if you have air conditioning running most of the time in your environment, you can still have an overheating Laptop. Powered by your USB port there's no need to plug into external power. And obviously please take into consideration the fact that you'll use up your battery's charge much faster if running on battery only.

Notebook Cooler Pads come in two basic designs, one will have a set of smaller fans, usually from three to six fans, or the other design with one main larger fan. I tend to lean towards the design that uses the larger single fan as I found them to make less noise over all. I have tried both designs & recommend the one with the least number of moving parts.

So far I found the best prices for these units to be in Galleria Jardin on Florida (near Lavalle). Take note that I have seen them priced at just bellow double the prices of Galleria Jardin when I checked some shops down on avenida Santa Fe, so you may want to shop around for the best deal.

If you are running a high powered high performance multi-processor laptop then I highly recommend that you use a notebook cooler pad all year round. No matter how efficient your own laptops cooling system may be, if it continually operates at a higher temperatures range over 44°C (111.2 °F) then your laptop's total life cycle will begin to be shortened. At the very least, by using a notebook cooler pad you'll lower the chance of having to use up your free warranty, this is an important factor when considering that your only warranty service centre is located in another country. You may not be able to claim on your warranty here in Argentina if your laptop was purchased outside in another country, I would advice that you double check on this.

To further enhance the cooling effects of a notebook cooler pad, see if there are removable lid covers on the underside of your laptop. Caution, this is only advisable if you are going to use a notebook cooler pad at all times as you may forget that your covers are off & accidentally interfere with the internals of your laptop's underside while moving it around. Very very carefully, remove the covers by unscrewing the screws holding them in place & then storing the covers & screws away somewhere where you won't loose them.
Make sure you do not accidentally scratch any part of your laptops' insides with your screw driver, it is very easily done if you are not careful.

And last but in no way least, REGULAR BACKUPS. Nothing beats the security & peace of mind that comes when you get into a habit of regularly backing up all your important data. Remember the golden rule, make sure that at any one given moment, you have two separate copies of your data- in two separate, independent data storage devices :) .

It is no good backing up all your data to an external hard disk & then deleting the original copy of your files on your laptop.... you are not backing up if in the end your data is sitting only on one media device. This could be a very painful lesson to learn. The harsh fact is that you can never ever trust a hard disk to keep working..even if it's only two weeks old, it may suddenly cease to start up the next time you power up your system. Expect that sooner or later, a hard disk will fail or die, it's not a matter of if- but when.

Metaphorically speaking, before we are allowed to drive a car it is compulsory to learn the road rules & to pass a driving test. This has some positive effects in minimising the road toll in one way or another (maybe not to such a great degree here in Argentina:).... but with computers, we are left to our own devices. Maintaining a computer system healthy & backed up is also a serious responsibility that requires a degree of self discipline not unlike that required when driving a car, the consequences as a result of neglect may not be as deadly, but could prove fatal to a business, or very very painful to an individual who looses all their most valued documents, family photos & memories.

What steps have you already taken to ensure that your data is safe against the inevitable computer crash?

Best of luck to all & I hope you are enjoying the laid back feel of Buenos Aires at this time of the year.

Ricardo Mardisich (notebook.fix).