late night delivery places?


Hi everyone!

I live in Barrio Norte, and at 2:30 AM last night I wanted to order a pizza (or empanadas or honestly ANYTHING) really badly. Sadly, I couldn't find a place that was open :( can anyone help me out?


I doubt you will get anything delivered that late. I think on fri and Sat you can get stuff delivered until 12-12.30 am but that is it. You have plenty of places still open if you go out, but you will not get anything delivered ( edible that is ) you might get alcohol though.


SaraSara, you are a genius woman. Its a little weird that in cities in the US, like Washington DC, bars close at 2 but you can order pizza 24 hours a day - but here in argentina, some bars don't get good until at LEAST 2 but you can get a pizza after midnight :(

I see a niche in the market - any entrepreneurs out there?


Hi guys,

This is an interesting conversation.... La Madeleine is one of the only delivery places after midnight. It seems like us young entreprenuers could find a way to coordinate delivery after hours for places that are still open. Only problem is, most decent restaurants close at midnight, right?

I am the manager of - and we are considering including an after hours delivery service to complement our daily and nightly online ordering service.

Would you only order pizza?
What other foods do you crave after hours?
Beside La Madeleine, do you know of restaurants open all night?
Are you willing to pay a A$20 premium?

Thanks expats for you help!