Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants



The ceremony to reveal Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants took place at the Usina del Arte.
Here are the best Argentine restaurants from that list:

4. Don Julio
20. Mishiguene
39. El Baqueano
45. Elena @ Four Seasons
46. Gran Dabbang


I am curious why you left off Tegui, Narda, and Chila. All of which made the list.

Of the BA restaurants, I have to admit I have only been to Don Julio, Mishiguena, Gran Dabbang, and Narda.

Not terribly impressed with the first two, and I am a regular at the second two. But I like a more casual atmosphere, I guess. I am kind of amazed Proper didnt make the cut, as I think its far superior to some that did.


At this moment I am sitting and talking to the very talented sushi chef Coco Weissmann of the famous La Huella in Jose Ignacio Uruguay . This restaurant is 33rd on the list and its food is outstanding The pescado de parilla is incredible and very fresh . .