Launch of new juice bar in Palermo


Nov 21, 2008
For those of you think there is a lack of diversity in Bs As, we are launching a juice bar with a wide gammit of fresh natural juices (carrots, oranges, papayas, mangoes,blueberries, bananas....)as well as chocolate drinks. It is located in Palermo; the Shuz Bar opens this Friday 22nd, from 4 pm to 0.00. calle Beruti 4602 (and Godoy Cruz ) one block from Subte D.Palermo. A special offer will apply for a whole week (get a large drink for a price of medium size)

All of us are well-traveled expats, multi-cultural people who have been involved in Bs As international social/cultural life. We want our juice bar not only to be a great place to drink the best juice but also an inspiring hang out for everyone to get to know other people. If you are new in town or if you just want to drink the best juice drinks, we will be more glad to have you around for a drink & chat. It may be a great way to meet & connect with our local/international friends.

Looking forward to seeing you.
The Shuz Bar, Calle Beruti, 4602. Tel 47 77 38 32
Good luck with that Chris!!
I´ll go as soon as I can arrange with my friends
Sounds great! Almost every day I wish I had a real juicer to take advantage of the fruit here.
Sounds great. Good luck. Will you be serving wheat grass as well?[/quote]

Yes, we have wheat grass as well.
Sounds great! Will you also be serving smoothies? Are you able to get Acai berries? Highest in anti-oxidants and I got used to it in small town Brazil. They bought them in individual frozen packages.
Thank you to all that came yesterday and thank you Christophe for doing such a great job with the entire team. To answer the questions, we already have WiFi! And we are in a search for acai, so far we have only been able to find it in vitamin or bottled form which defeats what we are trying to do (everything fresh). If anybody knows where we can get it, I would love to. I love acai too!

And yes, we have wheatgrass! At least we had it yesterday, it was such a hit that we might run out today, but we are getting more ordered ASAP.

And thank you for all the ideas and keep them coming. Christophe, Sasu, Amanda, Wendy and myself (the staff) are really doing this for fun and because we seriously believe that this city needs more healthy choices and a place where cultural diversity prospers. We are considering many different things, movie nights followed by discussion, intelligence squared debates (iq2), language exchange nights, quizbowls, etc, etc. Basically do the same thing we have been doing at our apartments, but make it bigger now that we got a place! So, feel free to suggest things, or contact us if you wish to organize something.

As for our schedule at the Shuz Bar, Tuesdays thru Sundays from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM, although as long as there are fun conversations going, it seems we might just keep going until later...