Law change for investment visa?

Aug 4, 2009
I have been told that the law has recently changed for the investment visa from an investment of $30,000 usd to $300,000 usd. I can't find it on the migraciones web site but I don't know why a company that specializes in attaining visas for foreigners would be wrong. Anyone have any insight?
Here's the information I found when I was applying for my visa rentista and was also considering the investor visa:

At that time, the required amount was $100,000 pesos and the exchange rate was close to 3 to one. That's why the figure of $30,000 USD was commonly used. If there is a new amount required it would be stated in pesos, not dollars.

The expat-argentina blog post referred to above indicates that the investor visa is permanent upon initial issue, but I have read other posts to the contrary. There is no doubt things are changing at migrciones. Recently, an expat was denied a second 90 extension in a 12 month period by the prorrogas de permanencia sector, but apparently was granted a new 90 day visa transitoria when reentering the country after a day trip to Uruguay.

As of this year, newly issued (temporary) visa rentistas are no longer eligible for the change to permanent resident status. I am very surprised the visa rentista income requirement is still less than $3000 pesos per month and the visa pensionada remains closer to $2000 pesos per month. As the visa renewal fees tripled in the past year and the visa overstay fine increased sixfold, I think that some changes to the financial requirements for resident visas can be expected.