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Hi All,

I have recently moved to Bs As from London and am keen to start improving my spanish here (completed A1). Ideally I would like an immersion course (c.20 hours a week) if possible however having looked on the schools pages here, they are all quoting relatively high prices in USD. In Córdoba, the university offered spanish lessons in peso therefore at a fraction of the price of schools there.

Does anyone have any advice/contacts who could help? Or any teachers they would recommend?

Thanks in advance! :)


I second gracielle's link - UBA's spanish classes are good, and are a great value. The current courses are just about to end, and on December 10, registration opens up again (more info on their web site). In January they have an "super intensive" class, which is 20 hours a week and lasts 1 month. I did it when I first got here and it was hard but useful. If you like it, you can continue with higher levels, they have 2-month and 4-month courses most of the year. I was the only native English speaker in my course there and it was great.

They may not have the prices up yet, but they're generally around US $300 for the month course. Actually the price is the same for the 2 and 4-month courses, since it ends up being the same number of class hours. They just spread it over more time for the longer courses (fewer hours per week).
CUI Centro Universitario de Idiomas

Centro I*Sede Habilitada Verano
Junín 222
Lu a Vi de 9 a 21 hs.
Sábados de 10 a 15 hs.

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Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

How do I pay?
You can pay with credit card, American dollars or Argentine pesos at the official exchange
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