Learning the Spanish Language. Where to start?


Jan 8, 2010
Language courses are offered at universities and private language schools. Many people combine learning Spanish with work or travel, and even culinary experiences, both in the cities and in the countryside. As an individual, you can also choose to do a “Family Stay,” where you will learn quickly because they will probably not speak English well, and you’ll receive first-hand exposure to Argentinian culture, customs, and local expressions.

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We'd be interested to hear any experiences of people who have participated in Spanish language training. Anyone?
I'm not exactly participating in any training program, but I do live with my Colombian girlfriend and her sister who speaks very little English and I have to say it is the absolute best way to learn Spanish. I've taken classes before but nothing beats having to speak, listen and live it everyday. Great website! I'll definitely pass it along...
Second language acquisition research shows that it is key to develop all 4 language skills - listening comprehension, speaking, writing, and reading - in order to master a language. As a second language learner and instructor myself, I'd recommend any program that helps students use as many of them on a regular basis as possible. Adult learners have a general good sense about what they enjoy doing, so try to develop a plan that combines regular language study - with a teacher and on your own - with activities that you enjoy and may be carried out in the second language, as much as possible. This is harder for total beginners to do, but fortunately we all go beyond that level if we have enough patience and put the required effort into learning. Being immersed in the language and culture is always a great learning experience.
The best spanish immersion school in BA is Baspanish.com

The teachers are awesome, I look forward to every class.

My friend came a few weeks ago, spoke no spanish, and it two weeks of class he is able to understand a lot, and have conversations with portenos!
I find that classes do not hurt at all and can only help as long as outside of the classes you are constantly trying to speak as much Spanish as you can. If you are only taking classes and not using what you learn, I think it is basically ineffective. Being constantly surrounded by Spanish speakers and constantly speaking it is the best way to learn. Taking classes on top of this is an added boost.

Forcing yourself to read, however painful, it very helpful as well.
What tf33 said.

Language courses are ok for getting the basic grammar, but mastering the language means using it as much as possible, especially outside of class. I'd e walking to class trying to figure out what all the words on the billboards mean, watching TN and trying to figure out what they were reporting about... Picking up La Nación every single day to read it during lunch etc.
Best Spanish school by far! ViaSpanish

Great school, great teachers, great people, activities, workshops, excursions, and great prices!!! HIghly recommended!