Let me be your friend in BA...


Nov 25, 2007
Hi everyone!

I am an argentinian 27 y/o girl who is currently studing International Relations.

I love travelling and my best trip experiences have been those I had when I met local people to go around and help me with little things, gave me advice and reccomendations on where to go and what to do in certain circumstances.

I speak English, Italian and French fluently and I have the ability to understand your culture. I have lived in Europe (Italy and the UK) and the US (New York, San Francisco)

I am a local who knows all the best places to go in the city and all what's going on in Bs As.

We can also talk about the argentinian way of life, traditions, culture, music, food, etc, but from a local point of view, not from an expat perspective since I have been born and raised in Argentina.

We can walk around different neighbourhoods to discover the history and get the atmosphere, or I can give you advice in certain things you may need help.

I am a native Spanish speaker, so I can help you improve your Spanish with argentinian words and pronunciation

Mybe this would work both for you and me and I would be very happy if I could make your stay in my country a more pleasent one.

Hi MR,
Welcome back to BA!

Just an honest question:
Why have you been registered for the past 2 years but just now started to post? Have you just arrived back, or were you already here but too busy resettling?

You are very well motivated to help expats, so you might as well come by to the Thanksgiving party at Dave´s next Thursday, to meet some of us there. Those gatherings are a lot of fun.

Hope to see you then,