Let S Talk About Cultural Differences....!


Dear fellow members:

I would like to discuss what are the main cultural differences between your home culture and your host culture (BA). We are all "world citizens" so please do not be shy and share with our group what are the most difficult differences you have found in your Argentinian experience. In addition, it would be great if you could tell us how to overcame these challenges. And of course whether you need some help from your fellow Expat members...:) I am sure you will find this forum to be of significant help!
Look forward to your shares.
Dr Pat


I am not sure why this is in the Expat Event section, anyway...

I vented on the forum and complained in real life until I was tired to. I probably realized, deep down, that I can't change Argentina so I started accepting the change.
HOWEVER, for my sanity of mind I naturally started to drift away from my Argentine family and started looking for 'citizens of the world' in my social life. I am happy with that and this is actually one of the main reason why I'd like to stay in Buenos Aires - it is still a capital of the world where I can dip my toes in an international environment that would be otherwise inaccessible in more expensive cities in Europe.

Some things I can't take in, so I avoid those. Some things I like, so I let them in.
People here don't seem to notice that fernet tastes like the carefully aged fermented vomit of a plague infested sewer dwelling rat, and that mixing it with coke doesn't help in the slightest.
Because it induces vomiting?
Fernet does not induce vomit, it fact is very digestive even if you are not a fan.

You should try the white rice wine of Korea, hot (yes they drink it hot and they keep it in a foundeu fire) radish beer from Sweden or the 90 degrees wine of Fujian China (my clients always present me) if you really want to know what inducing vomiting/ suddenly death means.