Lets Introduce ourselves


May 24, 2009
There seem to be a lot of new arrivals in the last few weeks, and new people posting threads about being new in BA etc.... One of the common traits is to seek meets etc., but not having a clue as to age/nationality/interests or even gender may make it hard to simply say - "lets meet at such and such a bar/coffee".

So lets take a second or two simply to introduce ourselves, briefly, and take things from there.

Me, I'm 51, from Ireland, but with an English accent thanks to school and work for many years, male, and in BA due to my other half being Argentine. Sports mad, love to run, enjoy a pint, and generally think I'm still in my 20's (OK, maybe 30's!). Any more takers?
So I'm guessing everybody likes to keep an air of mystery about themselves - fair enough - Beats me, but your choice. :)
Well, I'm not new but will (re)introduce myself!

My name is Rachel, from the US (NYC). I moved to BsAs in Sept '07. I am a consultant and we are launching a company/project here in Argentina. I'm based out of Argentina now but travel fairly frequently so not around as much as I would like.

I live in Belgrano/Las Cañitas.
Hola! Good idea for a thread!

I've been in BsAs for about three months now and plan to be here for about a year or so. My husband got an offer from his job (he's a consultant too) to come here for a long term project... he got the offer about a week after I got laid off from my job in the hard hit architecture/construction field of the US. So we decided what the heck, lets go for it... and here we are. I think we made the right decision, we love living here and it's been a great experience. We lived in Pittsburgh before coming here and will be moving back to Miami again when we head back to the States. I'm 27, he's 36. We like to go out, try new places for dinner and we both enjoy the nightlife. He's always up for a cigar and scotch, I prefer chocolate and wine. :) We'd love to meet some new people and hope to attend another expat event soon.
Hey guys!

Just got back from a short trip back to EEUU, and I'm ready for another get-together if ya'll are! Could be burgers, or perhaps even something different this time?

Introduce yourselves in person!

I was thinking about next Sunday (11th - a week from tomorrow)

I'll start a new thread in a day or two so there will be a better place to RSVP and post directions for anyone who hasn't been here before...

Meanwhile, let's all aggregate our energy towards psychically pushing Igor to a speedy recovery !!!