Limes (not Lemons) in Argentina

Steve K

I was wondering why limes are so hard to find here in Argentina. We consumed quite a few of them (along with cachaca, soda, and sugar) in Brazil, but did not see any limes at all in Palermo or Mendoza where we are now. A google of the wisdom of the internet suggests there is no actual Spanish word for limes, other than "Limas" which is really a transliteration of the English.

The really important thing is that we now have a large planter chock full of fresh mint begging to be used in Mojitos, but no way to get the limes. I guess we could try lemons, but they are not really very similar.



Most neighborhoods have certain verdulerías that have more exotic fruit and vegetables, including limes, than the regular ones. Also, the grocery stores in Barrio Chino always have them. They're significantly more expensive than lemons, but you can definitely find them.


I bought them yesterday at Verdulería Cabrera (José A. Cabrera 4192), on Cabrera y Pringles. But they not always have them.
Sometimes they simply do not buy items that might be too expensive for their clientele (because they are not in season/imported etc.)

Rich One

The Chilean Crisis..!! as a consequence Avocados, Bananas and kiwis, went berserk...Due to transport disruption at the border , riots, and looting..!
Bananas travel form Ecuador to Chilean Ports then overland to Argentina.