Liquidating VIP tickets to Paulina Rubio show march 31

French jurist

Feb 5, 2010
I am liquidating tickets I had bought for friends who won't arrive on time to Bs As for the Paulina Rubio concert at the Gran Rex on march 31st.

They are located in the "platea platino" section (the most expensive & closest to the scene), right in the center.
Tickets to this area are not available anymore from ticketek

I had paid them 240 pesos (220 + 20 commission to ticketek), and I sell them for 200 pesos/delivery included to capital.

People interested, feel free to PM me, thanks
Reduced to 150 pesos per ticket (paid 240)

Show is in two days, I've got seats side-by-side
Still got three tickets (eventually four).

Seats are located 3rd row right in the center.

Concert is tomorrow, price reduced to 120 pesos (paid 240).
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