List of Festivals in Argentina

Thanks soulskier, your posts are always useful, to the point and very positive. Out of morbid interest, do you not have a vindictive bone anywhere in your body? Are you actually an expat? ;)

LOL, I usually use lists like this (such as lists for national holidays) to know when NOT to go to a certain place, as usually I find the places overcrowded, overpriced and overhyped during these periods. General Belgrano during "Octoberfest" being the prime example. An exception would be for a particular thing (ie: an art movie) that would not be avialable anywhere else at anytime.

I noted with some pleasure to discover from your list that they actually do celebrate Immigrants here in some places. I have always contended that Argentina would collapse completely without all the Bolivians, Paraguayans and Peruvians toiling here, but most Argentineans seem to be in complete denial about their essential importance here when they should be thanking God everday that they are keeping their country going with their sweat...

Fiesta del Inmigrante
The festival of the immigrant, in Buenos Aires, occurs the weekend closest to September 4th. The main celebration is located in the Museo de la Inmigración (museum of immigrants) on Avenida Antártida Argentina 1355. This is a congregation of the many ethnic groups that create Argentina. The various flavors, music, dance and examples of the sacrifices made by historical persons are available to appreciate and teach the people of today. Go to for more information.

Fiesta del Inmigrante, Oberá, Misiones
This festival of immigrants, which began in 1980, is located in the town of Oberá, within the Misiones province. Created by the fourteen neighboring villages of Oberá, the people decided to create this festival to share the different foods and customs of the Argentine melting pot of nationalities. The festival begins September 4th and lasts for ten days. Such activities as traditional dancing, music and cuisine are brought together into a collective community."
Those "ferias" do not actually include Peru or Bolivia. The Obera people is very proud of their ancestors, but look at the list of the participant nations.
A bigger "feria" is in Rosario in the month of November. You should check it.

You can check last year's list of main-stage shows (there are also permanent mini shows at each stand)
Encuento y Fiesta Nacional de Colectividades
A festival that began in 1985, this celebration of communities began to observe the diverse cultures that create Argentina to be the melting pot that it is today. There are booths, tents, and performances created for this purpose. It is considered the most important festival in the entire Rosario province. Since the beginning, the locals consider November to be the imaginary month where the earth returns to a united five continents. This is expressed through music, dancing, costumes, local artist’s wares and foods representative of the different cultures. The celebration lasts for ten nights and over a half of a million people travel to the Parque Nacional a la Bandera (National Park of the Flag) to enjoy the cultural differences of the world. There is a Queen of the Communities that is elected at the end of the celebration.
mendozanow said:
Thanks soulskier, your posts are always useful, to the point and very positive. Out of morbid interest, do you not have a vindictive bone anywhere in your body? Are you actually an expat? ;)

Thanks MDZ. Instead of being vindictive, I try to send love and light to others. Some days are harder than others.

No, I am not an Expat as I was never that patriotic in the first place. I consider myself more of a defector.
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