Little intro - Hi from Jamie


Jan 15, 2010
Just to introduce myself.

My boyfriend and I are on a one year (maybe more, depending on funding) trip around the world. We left London in Sept and are planning to stay in BA at least a month (maybe more, are thinking to make this our south american base),

We are staying in Palermo Soho and loving it here.

I am in my mid 30's from New York and Jason in in his late 30's from Birmingham, England. I am sure he would love advice on good local spots to watch his Aston Villa matches if anyone has suggestions.

So hi to everyone. BTW, we are very impressed with this site so far.
Hi Jamie!

If you have any questions place to visit anything do not hesitate to ask me i can give you and recommend you some places, hope you have a great time !!!

BEst Wishes!
Welcome to you both..... we will have to set a happy hour again next week and see if people want to meet up someplace... cheers....
Bienvenidos! I am certain you will find this place to be your home away from home. I came initially for a 3 month vacation that turned into a 2 year stay. If you want any type of advice, social network, or if your boyfriend plays football, I would be more than happy to assist. Hope you enjoy your stay!