Live Music on the Cheap?


Sep 12, 2009
Looking for good spots to see live music for free or cheap...especially places like bars or cafes that have rotating live music where you can chill and sip your cafe while listening...any recommendations?
It depends on what sort of live music you are looking for. Cantabile ( is a free bi-monthly magazine that has listings for all the classical music performances around Bs As. It has news, interviews, classical music-related TV and radio items too. I would say that between two-thirds and three-quarters of the listings are 'Entrada libre y gratuita' and while I admit that I've never personally seen an international star at one of these free gigs, I have seen nationally acclaimed performers.
Bar seddon in san telmo has live music, and is a nice place to mooch about
Another place that is usually free, and sometimes has live music, is the studio of Carlos Reggazoni, the crazy found object sculptor.
His studio is on Libertador, just to the west of the Retiro train station, up a little alley. It is right next to the train museum. At least in May and June, they were doing live music on weekends, very casual, with drinks available, in a very bohemian artist studio/gallery atmosphere. A mere few blocks from the olgiarchs in Recoleta, but a world apart- almost like a beatnik gathering in the 1950's.
In Carranza 1969 (between Nicaragua and Costa Rica) my friends Los Tabaleros are playing their very good folklore - Tickets $ 15.

The show starts at 10 pm.
Hey I'm starting a new live latin music night in Palermo Soho every Tuesday for anyone interested. It's in a nice venue with a big garden and the idea is it'll be like a cocktail party with live music. Details below:
Latin Movida - live latin, reggae music every Tuesday @ (edit: venue has changed, will confirm soon of new Palermo soho location).
11pm - 3am
Address: (edit: tbc) Palermo Soho
Sounds like fun Fettucini. I'm planning on checkingn it out tomorrow if anyone would like to meet me there.