Living in Martinez Olivos San Isidro


Nov 15, 2006
I find it funny that people from these towns insist they are living in Buenos Aires .
They have as much relevance to Capital Federal as a country town 100 km away.
Yes they are beautiful peaceful in the main clean towns but to say that your reality is anyway similar to people living in San Telmo Congreso Microcentre`San Nicolas Once Almargo Palermo is very wrong.
The lifestyle is completely different so are the perceptions of peoples experiences here. They are Chalk and cheese.
I disagree, it's all just Buenos Aires. Next you'll be saying that Villa Urquiza and Villa Lugano are not parts of Buenos Aires.....
I don't know what Ramon is talking about. I live in Olivos which is Prov Bs As. It's marginally quieter than Cap Fed, but still noisy and crowded since we live a block away from Av Maipu. Also you can hardly call Olivos or Martinez towns. They are suburbs of BA in effect.
Anyway, why is there so much inverted snobbery on these forums about where one lives? Who cares if you live in San Telmo, Olivos or a loft in Puerto Madero? I don't. surely the only person who cares is the one who actually lives there. Olivos secure and leafy? Not quite. My partner's son can't play in the street on his bike and yes i have witnessed shootings. So there you have it. We rent, but are now looking to buy in a Barrio Cerrado in San Isidro. At least you can park and play in the streets there. Buenos Aires is not as safe as i thought it might have been.But then nor is London.
By the way Ramon, why did you start this thread anyway?
Most people from Buenos Aires say that Villa Lugano is a dangerous piece of shit neighborhood but they just don't know it. That place is beautiful in its own way. Ramon mentioned 7 neighborhoods in the capital and he implies that they share a reality but Buenos Aires has 48 different neighborhoods and they're not all the same, for example Villa Urquiza Man that place is so fucking beautifully quiet, walking the streets there at night you just feel like I don't know at peace or something(damn I miss that place) and Villa Lugano it's unpainted mile long buildings and obvious poverty doesn't really remind you of anything in puerto madero for example in any way. One could ofcourse argue that those places (Lugano and Urquiza) are not really in the capital federal but they are officially and they are considerd parts of the capital so that would be very far fetched. So if one is not trying to say that certain areas are not Buenos Aires cause of invisible lines then you really can't state all that many other valid reasons for that arguement.
I'd like to comment on naming the neighborhood San Nicolas cause I find that a bit strange since most Argentinians don't think of it as a neighborhood and say "San Nicolas que?" or think that one is refering to a city in the province of Buenos Aires called San Nicolas when asked about that place. And while I am on the topic of San Nicolas I'd likst to say that I have visited the city San Nicolas there in the province a couple of times and take it from me that place is hardly worth anyones time.
Hi elpanada you are 100 percent right about villa urquiza I love that barrio and would live there in a second.
I prefer to live outside capital federal because even though its exciting after a while we all need peace and quiet