Living in Peru for two months now to Buenos Aires for vacation


Apr 2, 2009
Hi, I am only visiting BA for a week to take a break from volunteer work in Lima, Peru. I am wondering if it is worth it to pay $50 USD to get a car from the airport to my hostel in the Palermo neighborhood. In Lima, we can get taxis from the airport.. not sure if that is a good idea in Buenos Aires or not. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Muchas gracias,
Taxis from the airport are no problem. Just make sure you go to the counter and pre-pay for the trip (prices are posted). Dont get a taxi from someone who approaches you at the airport. The taxi and remis (private car) counters are right outside the customs area as you exit.

I would also recommend Taxi Ezeiza as Rad posted above. It will cost about $98 pesos from the airport to city center, and if you keep the receipt you will get a small discount ($78 pesos) on the return trip to the airport with them when you leave BA. Taxi Ezeiza's counter is past the second exit door after customs.
If you haven't much baggage (and I'd guess you won't have) and wish to conserve funds (even rich Americans do, these days), consider public transportation: a bus from the airport to the rail station in Ezeiza, a train from there to the center of town, and a subway to Palermo, will cost you just a few pesos and little additional time, while giving you opportunity to see a good deal more of greater Buenos Aires than from the passenger's seat in a taxicab.