Living Successfully in a Foreign Culture


Mar 18, 2008
Living Successfully in a Foreign Culture
You've been staying in Argentina, and while things started off great, you now find that....

  • You are often unhappy,
  • Aspects of the culture really irritate you,
  • You are frustrated by the way things work,
  • It's more challenging to communicate with locals than you thought,
  • You tend to socialize with other foreigners,
  • Some days you don't feel like leaving your home,
  • Your family and friends think your life is fabulous and don't know why you feel badly,
  • You often wonder to yourself, "Why can't things work better here?" or "Why do they do things that way?"
This doesn't have to be a permanent condition! Living in a foreign culture is an adventure, but also comes with many challenges that we often don't anticipate. Working with, communicating with, or getting to know locals can prove elusive.
We are here to help! We train diverse teams and coach executives in global companies. We have lived and worked on 5 continents, and as expatriates ourselves we understand the challenges. We are now offering sessions to individuals living in Latin America for an extended stay.
At the end of our 2 1/2 hour session, you will:

  • Understand the stages of adjustment when living in a foreign culture,
  • Explore strategies to address culture shock,
  • Strengthen your ability to adapt to the local culture,
  • Identify your cultural values, assumptions and expectations,
  • Understand local cultural values and their impact on behavior, and
  • Develop competence in communicating across differences
Session cost is $50 USD per person. We usually conduct in groups of 2-4. One-on-one coaching is $50 USD per hour. We serve refreshments and offer the session from our office in Palermo, near the Bulnes subte stop.
Please contact us for more information at kendra (at) lotusconsultinggroup (dot) com.