Llao LLao Hotel


Anyone have an idea about how to get a decent rate (for residents, not tourists) at the Llao LLao next winter? Are packages sold by the hotel? Travel agencies? Anyone have any experience with this?


Let me know if you find anything. I had my girlfriend call about 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday to see if they would offer a cheap 1 day rate at the last minute, as we were nearby in Villa Traful. Anyway, they offered the basic room for a 1 day rate of $475 USD, and $600 USD for a suite. The hotel is owned by IRSA and I thought about calling back to see if they had discounts for shareholders, but at those rates, even at a discount, it would still be too expensive for me. I wanted to pay around 600-800 pesos.


Unfortunately, this place is always expensive for Argentina. That said, they do have "off season" rates. Admittedly, the views are some of the most impressive I've seen at any hotel. That said, there is a public bus that stops there and you can stay at a more reasonable bed and breakfast and take the bus to enjoy a walk around the grounds or lunch on the deck. We found a great B&B called "Los Juncos" (http://visitlosjuncos.com) between Bariloche and the Llao peninsula and the bus stops right out front. Food was excellent as well.