Lonely in BA? Lady the Dog Urgently Needs a Home


Nov 27, 2009
Lady The Dog Needs a Home

Lady is super company and is paper trained, never destroys anything. Just perfect company for you.

An expat in my neighborhood rescued a small female dog the day after Christmas and she is in urgent need of a home. I see her every morning in the plaza when I go with my dog and she is just lovely. Shes a real "Lady", which is her temporary name.

She is small, about 3 years old, in superb health, weighs about 10 kilos, and has short black hair with white paws. She clearly was living in a home as she is very educated, hardly makes any noise, and while she loves to go out, is perfectly independent enough to use the newspapers. The plans are to have her castrated this week.

I tried to attach some photos, but it kept saying "upload failed".

Send me an email and I can send you some photos of her. Also, you can go to this animal rescue website and search for announcement 6784 where you will find a photo and other contact information. She is a beautiful dog and is wonderful company for someone who has a place in their heart for a loving, loyal dog.