long term 2 BR


Dec 26, 2007
Just moved to BsAs and am looking for an inexpensive 2 BR for a long term lease beginning in April. Hoping for an apartment for up to a year. Trying to find smaller apartment in a nice barrio, preferably Palermo (will trade size of apartment to be in a good location). Most of the apartments that I find online offer shorter term leases. What's the best way to find a lease for a longer period of time?

hi,what is inexpensive for you ?? normally for long term as tourist rate you never should pay more than 600-700 US$ for it. All prices more expensive are overkilled !!!What should be a long term ? 6 month, 1 year, 2 years ?? If you are thinking about to rent for like 2 years you should look for a rent directly from a owner with a normal (non tourist) contract.Last way mostly is much cheaper in fact that you don't must pay like 20% to 50% of commissions from the agencies !! If you know more details please let me know, maybe I can arrange something over a very good friend (Argentinian Guy) who has some apartments for rent with good prices without any agency costs !!!
bye schef4711
thanks for the reply! i´m looking for an apartment for one year. a two bedroom for $ 6-700 a month sounds very reasonable. even if i can only commit to one year at this point, do you think i´d still be able to find an apartment without (or with a smaller) commission? any help-advice-contacts you have would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!