Long term room required


Hey all, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Dave, 27 from Ireland. I lived in BsAs a few years ago and left with and sadly found myself back home here in Ireland, still not settled and having ichy feet im planning on returning to BsAs on a permanent basis.
Rather than renting on my own is there anyone who would be in a position to flat-share? I would be looking for a long-term rental as my intention is to remain in BsAs for many years.

The last time in was in BsAs (2008) i spent a small fortune "living the life" if you will, but this time i would be looking to secure employment to ensure i can remain in BsAs for a long time and settle there on a permanent basis. If anyone can give any advise of possible employment opportunities or avenues that would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading ESL is a good avenue, but is earning $5 per hour really realistic for surviving? I know BsAs is cheap, but in my previous 9 month stay i still managed to work my way through £15,000!!!:rolleyes: TBH, i feel i should be a shareholder in the Kilkenny lol!!!