Looking For A Business Partner (Restaurant)


Jun 18, 2016
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[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]I was born & raised in Washington, DC and attended culinary school, worked in DC & VA. I have been working in the restaurant industry for a long time & I love it. I'm now living in Argentina and would like to open a place. I will put the sweat, creativity, publicity/advertisement & time into this. I need someone to put the capital. I'm quite confident in my cooking abilities and I know it will be successful. I have been cooking in Argentina for 2-1/2 years and I have received a great amount of reviews through TripAdvisor. I know what people want & I know what sells. I can go over the details, the plan & my references. PLEASE, only serious inquiries. [/background]

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[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]Chef Dave[/background]
I wish you all the success you deserve Petunia :)

Please let me know when you open your restaurant. It ´ll be a pleasure to be your guest :)
I have added a link to the reviews on my website. Please only serious inquiries. Thank you for everyone's support!


Eat well,
Chef Dave
Its interesting to me that you worked at India Joze- I met Joseph, and Ann Simonton, in Bali, in the early 80s, and have been long distance friends with them ever since.