looking for a female tango partner


Jan 28, 2010
Hi there,

I just moved out in Bs As the last week and I'm looking for a female tango partner for practice and milongas.
Most of the time I like milonguero style, but I don't refuse myself a bit of tango nuevo. My height - 1m87, so I'm looking for somebody who's 1m70+.

Any of you girls interested?

Get out to the milongas and practice your cabeceo.
If you show respect and do as the ;pcals do, you will not go short of a dance.
There is a definite shortage of men, and loads of women who are sick of just sitting waiting. There is plenty of info out there on what to do at the milongas, just read a few blogs.
You could try a taxi for your first time, but honestly it is one hell of a lot easier for men to get into the scene.
Hi Tangobob,

thanks for your reply and your advices.

I don't have to much trouble in dancing in the milongas in here. Eventhough they are different from European or Asian milongas, as you mentioned, it is easier when you are a man.
Now I realize my message wasn't very clear. Besides the milonga, I would like to find a partner with whom I could practice and make some private research, out of the milonga room.
I have diferent ideas about respiration and synchronisation that I want to explore, and from this point I cannot advance to much without a female partner.
Probably I'll end up by finding someone suitable in the milongas, I'll just need some more patience.

Thanks again for your advice.
I also think you'll meet lots of women at the milonga and then can see...
I am not sure, though, how many will be 1m70+, as per your requirement... Argentinian women are generally not that tall (although my mum is), unless you're only targeting foreigners...
Hi portena,
I actually don't have any preference in terms of nationality, although practicing my spanish is allways good.
I've noticed as well the fact that argentinean people are not so tall, compared to some european countries, or it's maybe just my impression.
P.S.: I've finally seen a live exhibition with J Rodrigues yesterday - nice milonga interpretation
I think you're right about the height of average women here.
It must be a mix of genes for each gender plus who knows what... my two grandmas were short, my parents are 1m70+ each, the same with my aunt, and my female cousin and me are less than 1m60 while her two brothers are 1m80+... it is a fact that Asians that moved here grew taller in a couple of generations, due to the protein-rich diet, but this may have also applied more to men than women??
I have no clue...
Interesting... we might say that asians get along well with the argentinian asado in exchange for tofu ;)

For the height thing itself, I have the feeling that the average height of the people is increasing by generation, but this is just a guess.

But when going to a milonga in Bs As, if I see a tall women, there are lot's of chances that she's not argentinian.