Looking For A Great Spanish Immersion Class In Buenos Aires


Feb 8, 2016
Hello! My name is Deidre and I'm from California. I joined this group a little bit ago when I decided I was moving to BA but this is my first post. I am moving December 29th and my Spanish is very beginner (I have learned the different verb tenses but I need a lot more vocab and conversation/put it all to practice)

Basically when I move, I want to treat learning Spanish as my job and I am looking for an immersion type class that is every day and ongoing. Has anyone had experience with that and is there any specific ones you would recommend? All input is appreciated!
Deirdre, I am doing an immersion course at Elebaires (4 hours of class every morning). But I also looked at CUI - 4 weeks of 3 hour classes a day (every afternoon). I chose Elebaires because there are lots of activities in the afternoons (free) - 2 afternoon outings, 1 conversation class, 1 tutorial. It seems worth the little bit extra it costs.

I really recommend following apps: Linguasorb for verbs; Spanish Dict!; Duolingo (this has helped me so much). And listen to as much music as you can in Spanish ... a very big plus.

Come back to me if you want more info.
I recommend UBA's español para extranjeros: http://www.idiomas.filo.uba.ar/

I'm pretty sure it's the cheapest, and the professors are very good and the class is challenging. I look level 4 and 5 there, and there was only 1 other native English-speaking student in the level 5 class (for me, fewer English speakers is a plus). They have level 1 through 7 or 8, various lengths (1 month super intensive, 2 months, or 4 months). First I took the 1 month course, which was like 3 or 4 hours per day, then I took the 2 month course, which was about 2 hours a day.

Until you arrive, I recommend Bueno Entonces - http://www.buenoentonces.com (it's specifically Argentine spanish), and Verbling (there are a few Argentine teachers).
I am curious: do these courses offers the same learning style or do they do something different and you choose based on what you find more effective for you?
This is a great help to start researching (and the apps and programs pre move), thank you so so much!