Looking for a job in Buenos Aires.


Jan 6, 2012

My name is Fabienne, I come from France, I'm 40 years old and I arrived in Buenos Aires a little bit more than two months ago, especially - but not only - for the edition 2011 of the Jazz Festival. As a photographer and a jazz amateur, I could not miss it and it also seemed to me a positive way to begin a new adventure in my life : to possibly settle down a few years in Buenos Aires, a city I know now pretty well and that I like a lot for many reasons. And to be able to do so, I have to find one or - why not - several jobs as I'm currently living on my savings and that they won't last !

For twenty consecutive summer seasons (7 months a year), I've been working in a small and charming 8 rooms hotel, located in the south-west of France (near Bordeaux), running it with the owner, being her multi-skilled right-hand woman. As the place was closed on winters, I enjoyed this time off to travel, mainly here, in Latin America, and in South-East Asia. It's a bit strange for me to sum up this way, so quickly and shortly, 20 years of my life, a very active life...

I would like now, as I told you previously, to settle down in Buenos Aires and need to get a job. I speak and write fluently French (native), English and Spanish. I also speak a bit of Portuguese as I have been several times to Brazil but to be honest, very poorly.
I could work in an hotel or an hostel (but I'd rather work in a place such as a boutique hotel ; but I don't want to work anymore in a restaurant !), I could work in a tourist agency or a tourist office, in a shop, I could take care of kids, I could teach at least the basics of the three languages mentioned above or/and work on some translations and could accept some missions as a photo reporter.

So if you have other ideas which could seem to you in adequacy with my profile, interesting contacts to give me, concrete proposition(s) to offer me, please, feel free to get in touch with me !

Many thanks for your attention.

I wish each one of you and all your beloved ones an Happy New Year 2012 !