Looking for Accomodation for my nieces


Jun 20, 2006
I have a question for the group . A good friend of mine 2 nieces, ages 21 and 24 want to go to BA for 6 months or so for adventure. They want to see if they can find work at a bar or restaurant and find a place to live for 6 months or so, they do not have a ton of money so I was thinking maybe if there was a young lady expat or so from anywhere that wanted or needed roommates that could work to split expenses. They could share one bedroom. They are from Mexico but speak perfect spanish and english and are tidy and responsible .

Please reply to me email [email protected]
Peri, there is a new company called Room Service or Rooms or something like that advertising in the Herald, other than that, if the girls can find a viable room mate, they would be wise to seek out 3 beds (difficult to rent) via the various agencies and negotiate hard (current climate) looking to only paying $50 each per week for a basic 3 room apartment. They might get another half a bathroom at that price too!