Looking for apartment for 6 months to a year


May 18, 2009

My boyfriend and I are looking for an apartment.

We would like to pay $500-600 USD per month. We obviously want a safe area and need to have internet. No TV or phone required as we do not watch tv and we will be using pre-paid phones.

We are hoping to stay 6 months to a year (depending on if we can afford it). We are about to begin a TEFOL course and will be teaching and doing other small odd jobs to pay for our stay in beautiful BA.

We are VERY responsible, nice, friendly, courteous, and clean.

If you know of an apartment or anyone who you could direct us to who can help with the above criteria, please reply to this forum post.

Thank you in advance!
Peace, Love and Fun!!
Kelly y Jose
Finding an appartement for 500-600 dollar will be extremly difficult, you better start looking for appartments in the 700-800 dollar range and try to negociate after 2 weeks or a month
There are very low chances for this budget even for argentinians. Peoples expectations about prices here are way way off mark . This is a dear city for everyone.
We are apparently the exception to the rule....

We did find an apartment for $600 usd, in recoleta the very next day. We did have to use a Buenos Aires site (which was in spanish), but it worked out well...

Now (after our TEFL course) we have to find jobs to pay for it. :) One down, next obstacle please.....
Great, glad you were able to find a good apartment for a good price. None of the expats I know are paying more than $600 USD for a one-bedroom apartment in nice areas of Palermo or Recoleta, and some couples are paying as little as $500 (all-inclusive) for good apartments. Hopefully future expats will not search the forums and be led to believe they need to pay more than that.

If you're looking for the most inexpensive TEFL course in BA, I think it might be the one at IBERO (http://www.iberospanish.com/TEFL-programs-in-Buenos_Aires.html). It's less than $1000 USD. I haven't taken the course so I won't comment on the quality--but I know a few people who took the class there, and they had no issues with finding employment afterward. Suerte!
Congrats, Joe! Could you send me the link to the listing service you used to find the apartment? Many thanks!
Congrats on your apartment.

We have a 2 year lease and garante, went through an immobilaria with all the fees and pay a little over 300 US dollars a month without expenses for a one bedroom we share unfurnished. (Getting a garante would be tricky unless you live here for a while and know people who own property.) Of course, I did not arrange it, so there was no gringo tax. We live in between Balvanera and San Cristobal and though not as pretty as Recoleta or Palermo, I feel a LOT safer here because there the chorros assume you have money. It´s only 2 rooms, a small kitchen and a bathroom.

On my own, I found a room in a house for 300 all inclusive, including furnishings--and it was the first place I looked.

I only say this because I, too, just don´t comprehend all the people who insist on 700-800. Your apartments must be much nicer than mine! There are GORGEOUS places to live all over BA; I just can´t afford any of those.
Because most people asking about apts here don't want to rent unfurnished apts, they don't want a 2 year lease and they typically want to live in a central area. And for those, the average price is 700+ for a 1 BR.