Looking for Apartment in BA


My boyfriend and I are going to be in BA from 2/23 thru 5/22. I have been looking online for an apartment to rent...but haven't had much luck so far. All of the tourist geared websites that offer temporary furnished apartments are all sooo expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has any good advice for finding a nice, safe place for under $650 a month.

We have never been to BA before so we are not that familiar with the different barrios aside from what we have read. I think Palermo would be a nice fit for us, but we are open to apartments in other barrios as well. We are also looking for apartments with a laundry facility.

Any info or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


ERINM said:
US$. Is it possible to find an apartment for that price? or just wishful thinking?
US$ sure. A$R, no!
You have to plan in advance thought. The good cheap ones go fast. Have you looked around this site? There are lots & lots of links.
Good luck!