Looking for Apartmet Rental



I'm going to be in BA from the start of February to the end of June (5 months more or less) and would like to rent a 2 bedroom apartment somewhere near downtown/palermo/recoleta/ maybe san telmo area. My budget would be around $1200-$2500 USD per month. If anyone knows of any good places available or agents specializing in finding apartments that would be great!

As a side note I found an interesting looking place in San Telmo, and I see that it is close to downtown (although lacking a subte line?) and has historic charm, but is this area considerably more dangerous than palermo/recoleta?

Thanks in advance for the help



That's quite a varied price range - you should have no problem finding a 2 BR in that price range. Those neighborhoods are all quite different - what type of area are you looking at?

Also - personally, I wouldn't live in San Telmo but YMMV.


I would suggest you contact Ximena at 1054ba@gmail.com
I rented from her for seven months when I nfirst arrived. She is very nice and have about 12 apartments she manages and/or owns. She is very cool.
Cheers, Richard