Looking for Aussie Contestants

Chris Hart

Sep 30, 2008

I just received this message seeking Aussie in BA.

If you are interested please contact Joanna using the details below.

Good luck

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LIA - Contact Us Form firstname - Joanna Lyle email - [email protected] altemail - country - Australia telephone - +54 9 113325 0309 whytefl - To Whom it May Concern, I am writing to you from Endemol Southern Star, an Australian TV Production company. We are currently in Buenos Aires to film the show Wipeout!. The US version is currently on ABC. Or you may have seen it on youtube. We have done extensive casting in Australia but also have an opportunity for Australian citizens living abroad to participate. Specifically I am looking for Aussies in Buenos Aires. A few of my contestants that live here in BsAs recommended I contact you as you are well loved by Aussies. If you know of any Aussies here we would love to offer them this once in a lifetime opportunity. Each person is required for 1-3 days, we cover all accomodation and meal costs during this time. Each episode is made up of 20 contestants competing on the world\'s most adventurous obstacle course with one lucky person winning $20,000. Can you please let me know contact information for your school here in BsAs so that I can offer this opportunity to your Australian students. If you would like further information or need clarification please dont hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you or indeed your students who are keen to add some more crazy adventures into their trip. N.B There are also spots for Spanish folks as they are also shooting here at the moment. Kind Regards, Joanna Lyle Contestant Producer Wipeout +54 9 11 3325 0309 submit - Submit