Looking for babysitter/nanny


Hi! We are an american family living in Palermo, with two sons (one 3 year old and one 2 month old). We are looking for a babysitter/nanny to help with the kids- usually one at a time (our son will be in school). Can anyone recommend a babysitter/nanny? Or a service to find one?

Ana Luisa



I am a soon to be Au Pair and I am available for the time being if you need a nanny. You can check my contact info in my profile to get in touch with me if you need any reference. Thank you!


Hi! I work for two american families, a dutch one and a british one. If you're interested send me a PM.




My name is Uriã, I am Brazilian, 21 years old and I'm a medical student in a private university in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am currently looking for a job as a babysitter or just watch and take care of older children. I speak fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish and Afrikaans (I was an exchange student in South Africa in 2008) and a very good level of German, French and Dutch. I am Brazilian, but I live in Argentina, because I got accepted into a university here. Whenever I am on holidays, I spend it in Brazil with my family. I have 4 siblings. Two of them are little kids (4 and 8 years old). I love taking them to the movies, to the beach or to the park, I make them some nice food or we just stay home watching movies (I even have my own collection of Disney DVDs that I love and even know all the dialogues by heart), hehehehe. But I also help them to study and do their school homework and try to teach them some of the languages I speak.

Since I study MEDICINE, I know what to do in case there is an emergency because "Emergentology" (I'm not sure if that is the English word because all my subjects are taken in Spanish, which is not my first language either) was one of the subjects I had to take in my university and I also know how to take care of babies too, when my little brother was born I was 16 so I took care of him all the time. I love Medicine and I'm studying it because I want to become a surgeon. Before studying medicine, I wanted to be a diplomat, and that is the reason why I studied so many languages since I was a little kid. In 2008 I spent one year in South Africa as a Rotary exchange student, and graduated High School there. My grandmother is a member of Rotary International.

I come from a very good and traditional family. My mum is a lawyer and my dad is a farmer. I've always studied in the best schools of Brazil and I got the best possible education from my parents, who taught me how to behave in all kinds of places and how to have manners and etiquette.

I worked in Brazil as an English teacher for 3 years. I had 91 students of all ages at a very famous language school called Wizard Idiomas. In Buenos Aires, when I used to have more time, I worked at the Faena Hotel - a 5 star hotel in Puerto Made (the most noble neighborhood in Argentina) as a receptionist/experience manager junior, and if necesary they will provide you a letter of recomendation.

And my e-mail: ufancelli@hotmail.com

My best wishes!