looking for brand name cosmetics...


Where is the best place to look for brand name cosmetic products ( Estee Lauder in Pacifico..besides that) and what are the local brand names ..that are comprable to the ones from US, UK, Japan or France.
Ladies, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


Falibella at Unicenter has a good selection of the major brands...also if you enter Unicenter just past the Jumbo entrance on the left side of the main floor there's a newer business that has a large selection of name brands and perfumes...they used to have a great exchange rate if you paid in dollars too. Several Kiosks on the main floor of Unicenter with skin care and makeup as well.
I brought a large supply so haven't had to purchase anything yet.
Also, some of the Selma Pharmacy's and Zona Norte Pharmacy's have a good selection of skincare and makeup.
Hope that helps!
*name brands...Lancome...E. Lauder...Mac...etc..