Looking For Cheap Coastal Desintation


My husband and I want to get away for a week in December to the coast. We are both quiet people, so we have no need for nightlife. Would be quite happy in a cabin in the woods as long as it is near the beach. We have our own vehicle.
I know cheap means different things to different people, so we are looking for under $450 pesos per night (for both of us), or even less. It can be very small and basic.
Any ideas?
We´ve been to San Bernado (too busy), Mar del plata (too urban for relaxing, but great foot), Villa Gessell (OK, no more a hippie town), Necochea (too windy). We now want to explore more unknown places now that we have our own transport.


We thoroughly enjoyed renting a quiet cabina and staying both in Mar de las Pampas and another time in Costa del Este.

This was budget/inexepensive and meets your other criteria but nowhere is cheap anymore.

I so dislike the heavy traffic on the road down from BsAs but the Atlantic coast has some little gems.

NB Our calculation was that two weeks on the Atlantic coast in a holiday let is about the same price as flying to Brazil and staying todos inclusivo for 7 days.


I agree that Uruguay is a good option. Lots of cute beach towns. Just drive up the coast and choose one that suits you. I don't think you'll need a reservation. We rented a car in Colonia for the week last summer.


Check Punta Del Diablo in Uruguay. Haven't been there yet but heard only good stuff about this town. Go there and tell us how it was when you come back ;)


Check Punta Del Diablo in Uruguay. Haven't been there yet but heard only good stuff about this town. Go there and tell us how it was when you come back ;)
I went to Punta del Diablo once, because it was recommended to me. I didn't do any research ahead of time and rented a car with a friend to drive up from Montevideo. It's farrrrrrrrrrr, I think a 6 hour drive so in total made for a lot of traveling. It was really windy, and in November it was cold still. Pretty though, fisherman's town, nice people, the one hostel and little hotels were really cute. This was 2008 so I imagine it has built up since. Not a bad option, but not close either. I don't *think* they have an airport.

I second the Mar de las Pampas one, I've loved it every time I've gone, especially in winter! Most places have a fire place, so nice. But yes, beach, check for some deals online you should be able to get some good ones in December. I've never been without a car, does anyone know how easy it is to get to Mar de las Pampas by bus? I'm not sure how close they'll drop you, so you'll have to consider that.

A place I've always wanted to go is Miramar, just past Mar del Plata. It's supposed to be really pretty, big cliffs dropping down into the water/beach.

If you're up for camping, Villa Gessel has a great campground just off the beach! Very clean, nice facilities, security, but again you'd have to have a car to lock any valuables in while you go to the beach.


What about Pinamar? I was surprised to see that nobody mentioned it! It's really cute; it kind of reminded me of Santa Cruz or another coastal town in California; there are a few towns in the neighborhood that are great for exploring by car. It could be crowded and all booked up in December, but we went for Easter Weekend and rented a house that was a good deal. There are a lot of people that rent out their second homes for a week or just a weekend. Not sure where the listings are though...


I can recommend Santa Teresita. This is a nice little town which is not too crowded, but still has all the infrastructure you need for a holiday and nice beaches too.
I own a quiet holiday appartment in this town, if you want to take a look at it follow this link:


Its located a little outside the city center, close to the beach and to the woods. So if you are looking for something quiet it should suit you.

This year we are checking into little apartment on the beach in Villa Gessell. Will be my first time there. Last year went went to Carilo. Close by Carilo is Pinamar and Ostende. They are all nice too.