Looking for good iyengar yoga class


Hi, I used to do Iyengar yoga in Palo Alto and Berkeley (California) with a great teacher and I would like to continue now in Buenos Aires. Does anybody have a good recommendation for a good Iyengar teacher in the palermo/recoleta/downtown area and/or any experiences about where NOT to go? Thank you!



I come from San Diego/Los Angeles California, and am also picky about my yoga classes. I went to so many classes in Buenos Aires that said they were yoga, but were really just stretching!

The best I've found is a studio where classes are lead by ex-pat woman who teach in Spanish and English. They are wonderful, and welcoming, and offer classes in San Telmo and Palermo. The classes are a mix of vinyasa and iyengar positions, and are pitched to a medium/moderate level of difficulty; beginners are welcome, and they also signal when more advanced students could go deeper into a posture or pose. (They'll also tailor the level of the class depending on the students that show up on a particular day.)

It's called Buena Onda yoga:

~ Jenn