Looking for House to Rent


Feb 3, 2009
Sorry if this is repeated. I posted a while ago but it didn't appear.

I am planning a move to BA in the next 6 months or so. I would like to rent a house (long term) with a yard. Is this difficult to find? Ideally I would like to be in the Belgrano/Coghlan neighborhood as I plan on sending my kids to St. Patricks school. Where can I find listings for long-term house rentals? So far I have only seen short and long term apartment rentals.


I would really appreciate info on the same topic. I would like to rent a small house or garden apartment with a small yard in Belgrano or Palermo...but I'm not sure how feasible this is!
I can´t imagine it will be too difficult to find a house to rent in Belgrano/Coghlan with a yard,
Palermo you will probably also find.

The area Close to St patricks School in Particular is an area where it is almost exclusively houses....

Those houses are put up for rent probably through a myriad of different agencies. So it´s best to be here to have a look in the area what the local realtors have available, what is pùblished in the papers...
or hopefully others will have further suggestions

In La Nacion for example these are the houses published (in different barrios ....most are in the suburbs but there are number publcished in Belgrano and Palermo)

In the online version of Clarin the newspaper there is published:
(for Belgrano)
(for Palermo)

Have found none in Coghland... but they must be published elsewhere...

this is what is published and offered at this moment.

Beware the prices are mostly for locals with guarantors, if your company doesn´t provide you with a guarantee or you have someone here who will provide it then it is likely you will probably be charged a little bit more than the asking price, but then you never know....
Good luck...
Thanks for that Bairesgirl. Very useful. I currently live in Sao Paulo, where it is difficult to get temporary, or furnished accomodation, unlike BA. Here also you need to have a guarantor, which is difficult for foreigners just moving here. However in some cases they will accept a 3 month deposit, so I assum it is the same there? Anyway, when I do manage to move (probably towards end of the year) and find something I will make sure to post on here to let others know how it went.
Some of these ads are very criptic, with a lot of abreviations. Would be nice if someone had the time to do a little article translating the main abbreviations used in real estate ads. This is probably obvious but what is PH?
killannyman said:
This is probably obvious but what is PH?

PH = propiedad horizontal or townhouse

I wrote a message quite a while ago explaining many common abbreviations found in rental ads.
Igor, thanks for the information, great article by the way, exactly what I was looking for.