Looking for Irish living in BA


Jan 1, 2010

I am an Irish man living here in Buenos Aires for almost 3 years now. I live in Belgrano. There is not much of us about. I dont actually know 1 Irish person living here. I am looking for contact with anybody currently living as oppossed to spending vaction time here. So if there is anybody from Ireland out there drop me a line. All the best.

my boyfriend is Irish,and we know anothe 5 irish ppl here right now and they actually live here. most of them play football together!
Well, I am too - Say Hi - Actually quite a few of us here to be honest - You missed a nice little get together at the embassy just before Xmas - hat would have introduced you to many 0 Will PM you - Liam

I'll be moving out to BA late January, seems theres a good few of us there!

Will send a PM

My boyfriend and I are Irish and live here.

What kind of age group are you looking for or what kind of people etc?

I’ve met a few Irish people here and come to realise that just because some one is Irish doesn’t mean that you’ll get along!
Hi folks,
I've been here over a year and have met very few Irish.
They travel by stealth it seems....or they all hang out in hostels in San Telmo and party all day.

@SonyGael - any chance I could get the contact of the group that play football ?

@Branwell - are you looking for professional contacts or you just want to meet up with some people from the old country?

I must be one of those that travels in stealth then. I orignally came here almost 3 years ago as a backpacker with the plan of staying a year. Learning the language and emersing in the culture. As such I really avoided mixing with foreigners generally. But then I stayed on and find that I miss my culture somewhat. I did meet Irish as I used to play with the guys in the Clan hostel but they were always passing through and on the piss and talking about the same shite(goin on the piss and passing through).

I have played alot of soccer here(3times a week). So that group of Irish lads playing soccer sounds good. So if you could put me in touch with one of them we could get together for a chat and a game.

I concur with what @Katser said about not getting along with Irish people just because theyre Irish.

For the record I am 36. I am soccer mad. I am a music fanatic mostly rock but like most music excluding Electronic, Raggaton or Cumbia. I am recently married to a Porteña.

As for @Irish professional contacts always help so we should talk.

I think we should organise a get together for those of you interested. Sunday is my best day as its my one day off. If we could avoid the Kilkenny that would be great! So pop your thoughts on a day to meet up?

All the best.

For those who may be interested, the Buenos Aires Hash has a few irish taking part. I'd say there were at least four permannet resident irish Families that tunr up every two weeks for a little run, and a few beers (not going on the lash as such, but enjoying a few). We run every other sunday, and I post the notices on here, so that could be one way of meeting up.

As a slightly older (OK, I'm 51) Irish local, I too am soccer mad, but these days from a watching brief, and so glad that TV here loves to show soccer from England, Spain, Italy etc as well as the local games - Wouldn't be surprised to see Shamrock Rovers and Bo's turn up one day :)...

I run, hence the hashing, and still manage to enjoy a pint - so if a meet is planned, and I can make it, given I live in the province rather than the CF I'll do my best to drop by and say hi.
Hey .thank god i found another irish person to talk to.Im from limerick .Im here with my partner and 4 year old boy .We moved here two months ago .Im not working yet soo im vey bored.I speak fluen spanish so that helps.what are you doing here ? how do u find it?Do you miss home.What part of Ireland are you from?