Looking For Long-Term Housing W/o Furniture

My husband and I are from DC and have been living in Buenos Aires for a year, but now we're ready to have our own place with our own stuff!! Unfortunately, as everyone knows obtaining a property guarantee is an issue for most foreigners who don't have any concrete ties here. My husband is a Chef and I'm a translator; both non-smokers. We recently obtained our temporary residency. We have two well behaved small shih-tzu's who don't bother. I'm always working from home and I've never had anyone complain about them. We're looking for an unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment or an empty dwelling that we could retrofit to our needs, with a long-term lease in any of the following areas: Palermo, Villa Crespo, Recoleta, or Colegiales.
We have a property in the states, which we rent out, so we know what it is to maintain a property in good condition.
We look forward to hearing from you! More information provided upon request.

If you have any advice to give, please don't hesitate!

Budget 8,000-10,000 pesos
I recently rented an unfurnished long-term apartment in Nuñez. I was fortunate to have friends who helped me with a guarantia. I have looked for the last 3 years at longer term rentals and I think that your budget of 8-10,0000 pesos per month is very low for a decent place. Just my 2 cents.