Looking for mom's with 12-20 month olds to form a Jardin Rodante (floating daycare)


Oct 21, 2009
Looking for mom's with 12-20 month old infants out there to form a Jardin Rodante ("Floating" daycare) in or around the Palermo neighborhood for March.
It would be Monday to Friday sometime in the mornings (anywhere from 9am - 1pm) and the amount of time each day can be decided amongst us.
They are usually in Spanish but we can also find our own maestra and make it in English (I would prefer English but am fine with either).

I have a 10 month old little girl who will be 12 months old in March. She LOVES spending time with other children and seems to thrive from it as well.
We already go to a few playgroups a week but I would like to get her around kids on a daily basis and since I have to start getting back to work, I won't be able to take her to playgroups daily so I am looking for safe alternatives.
We also have a nanny but I would also prefer her to be around other kids at least a few hours a day playing and not always inside with the adult nanny.

Jardines Rodantes seem to be a great option (I feel she is still a bit young to be sending her off to regular daycare at a school). To set one up you need to get 5 o so moms/kids together preferably in the same neigborhood.

Basically, for those who do not know what it is, it is like a playgroup (each day of the week is at one of the kids homes) but the parents do not go (you drop your child off - this is why it is ideal that homes are in the same neighborhood) and the "teacher" goes to the different homes each day to meet the kids (instead of the other way around).

Each of the 5 mothers is responsible for hosting one day of the week. She (or someone in lieu of her) should be home but she does not actively participate in the daycare.
The nice thing about this is that there is always another mom/person present (sort of fly on the wall) to be sure the kids are not being neglected or mistreated. It is also a small group so the kids get more individualized attention and don't get sick as often as I am told they do in regular daycare.

If anyone might be interested please contact me and I will be happy to explain it all a bit more completely (and clearly) by phone.


Hi, Jen.
I was born in BA and moved back to the country last November, after a few years in New York. I have a 4 and a 2 years old girls and I´m exploring the idea of organizing jardines rodantes for english (and portuguese) speakers. Would like to know what response you got for this post. Thanks. Carmen
Hi Jen I was exploring myself the Jardin rodante idea. I have a girl of almost 15 months and love the idea though Im i n Belgrano area ( belgrano chico, would be ideal) . I know you are in Palermo but I join your post to see if there are other mums interested.

FYI, Jen was leaving BA in late June I believe - I went to her moving sale...