Looking for Native German speakers interested in a job opportunity


Feb 26, 2021
My name is Luciana Malano and I’m a Vendor Manager at RWS Moravia. It’s nice to e-meet you!
RWS Moravia is currently looking for candidates with native speaker fluency in German for the position of Machine Learning Agent for one of its biggest clients.

At the moment, we are recruiting candidates for 2 projects. Please find the descriptions below:

Project 1
The scope of work would include generating synthetic queries in your language of native speaker fluency based on the guidelines/ instructions provided. The ultimate goal is to teach the artificial intelligence to respond to those queries accordingly. The expected workload is of 5-6 hours in total and the offered rate is of 14 USD per hour.

Project 2
This project will be carried out for the whole of 2021, with training starting from the second half of March/beginning of April. As the volume is high, we prefer candidates who can dedicate up to 160 hours a month starting from April 2021 (exact project kick-off date TBC). The rate for this project would be the same, 14 USD per hour. Moreover, you would be provided with client's hardware and receive paid training, which should take 20-40 hours.

If interested in applying, please follow the link to the position on our website below and register in our Partner’s Portal as requested: https://hubs.ly/H0FS1440

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Kind regards,