Looking For Place/Roommate


Jul 28, 2017
Hello! After a few months of living alone in an Air BNB apartment, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s starting to get expensive, and my lifestyle is not conducive at the moment to really need my own place (I am never home, never cook, and use my apartment for the bare basics) so I am seeking a new place/roommate.

I am a 35 year old professional, respectful and neat, quiet but fun at the same time, and when I say I’m never home, i mean it quite literally, i work full time currently and spend my weekends usually traveling, so this scenario could also appeal to someone who otherwise wouldn’t consider living with a roommate as it’s almost like ‘not having one’

I am ideally looking for something in Recoleta as this is where I also work, but am pretty open and flexible to other barrios as well.

Please private me if interested! Thanks!