Looking for short-term flatshare


Hi all,

I´m looking to find a room in a flatshare for just the next three weeks or so (I leave on 10th March). Thought it might suit someone that´s going away temporarily and would like to sublet. If you know of anything I´d love to hear.

I´m 32, English and am studying Spanish here. When I´m not doing my Spanish homework I´m v keen to get under the skin of the city, go and see bands, weird art exhibitions and the like, eat copiously, and meet lots of people. As a flatmate I´m clean, sociable, non-smoking and normal.




Can't recommend anything specific, but I found a one-month sublet in a room in a shared apartment last year on the BsAs Craigslist site:


Also, even if they don't specifically say for one month only, it's worth explaining your situation as they might agree to a short let. My current place I'm only staying in for 6 weeks. The owner figured it's better to have somebody in for short-term than nobody.