Looking for Short Term Rental


Jun 7, 2006
Hi Everyone. I decided to give this board a try. My husband and I are relocation to Bs As in August (dates are not completely firm yet) and we are looking for a Short Term Rental. 1-3 months, unsure exactly - we need a place to stay while looking for a long term rental that suits us. Will need to be furnished and have Internet Access. 1 bedroom is suffice. If anyone has anything opening up - please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].
Thank you
Try this company. I have used them 3 times with good results.


Also register and search this board.


Could anyone let me know what the laundry situation is like? Very few of the apartments I am seeing have washing machines or dryers. Should this be assumed that the building has them? Or is it more common to send your clothes to be cleaned or a laundrymat?
don't worry about laundry! there are lavanderías on every street and the prices are great (usually one load of wash & dry = 6-8 pesos total). you can also have your clothes ironed for a little extra. they typically use cold water so i have not had a problem with shrinking garments. there are many dry cleaners as well. one chain---which i have not personally used yet---is "5 a sec" (or something like that).
If you use bytargentina you'll find several of their apartments do have washing machines, but most won't have dryers to accompany them. The lavanderias will be your surest bet. By the way, when you find your long term rental, if it's not a tourist rental be ready to supply your place with your own fridge and washer/dryer as long term rentals don't usually come with them. Here's another agency you could try as well. They were helpful with us last spring when we were looking for a long term rental and were one of the few places that actually took the initiative to keep in contact with us. I recommended them to someone recently and she ended up renting a place with them (and she negotiated a lower rent). Myplacerealestate.com ask for Giselle and you can say I sent you...LauraGood luck!