Looking For Studies; "interpretación Simultánea"


I'm interested in studying "interpretación simultánea" in Buenos Aires. But i have neither a university degree nor studies or work experience in translation. Do you know something by chance?

My educational qualifications are as follows:

Education in Switzerland:
Business Management (training, 3 years)
Human Resources (HR) Specialist (further education, 2 years)

German (mother tongue)
Spanish, French, English (advanced level)
Italien (ca. B2)
You can check at CUI, (Centro Universitario de Idiomas), they don’t ask for previous degree or experience.
Also an Organization that will provide you an International Certificate ,(this one is not as an interpreter, but a language teaching certificate), is: www.ih-buenoaires.com
If you are hoping to to get a student visa to be able to stay in Argentina more than 180 days be sure to read the last two posts of this thread:


It looks like CUI has run into some problems with migraciones by accepting students with less than a high school diploma, but
assuming you have one (and if that is enough for migraciones), CUI might be just what you are looking for.