Looking for Tailor/Seamstress for Wedding Dress!


Feb 22, 2009

I recently got engaged, and my wedding is going to be during the last weekend of November of this year (around Thanksgiving time), very soon! :) I found the PERFECT dress online from the States, but the problem is that the sizes run ridiculously small (Ex: The largest size they have (an XL) is for someone with a 30 inch waist!!!). I'm roughly a US size 12, but intend to lose some weight before November.

The reason I'm so fixated on this dress and it's so hard to find something similar is because the style is very unique (floor-length long in the back, but knee-length in the front, with short straps to hold it up, etc.) I'm attaching a link with this message:

I was hoping that someone out there might know of a seamstress or tailor who, if I show her/him the 4 pictures that I have of the dress, might be able to create one for me. Is this even possible?

I know that it could be very expensive, but I would really love to have a dress like this on my day.

Thank you for reading!
Aww...Congratulations! Sorry I do not know of a seamstress here but I am sure you will find one if you visit Once and look around for one of those places that sell Quinceniera dresses - there are loads of them there. You can even shop for the material that you want. Once is the key place for all your tailoring needs. Suerte!