Looking for Unique Opportunities in BA


Sep 7, 2012
Hola chicos! Some info about myself and what I am currently looking for:

I'm a tri-cultural (Argentine/US/European) multi-faceted professional in my 30s moving back to BA and looking for the right work opportunity. (I am moving back to be closer to family especially my mother who is retiring in BA)

Academically I have an MBA, a Masters in Marketing & Communications, and a Juris Doctorate from a few recognised universities in the US and Europe. I speak both English and Spanish at the native level and also some Portuguese and French.

Professionally I have worked in both the private and public sectors. Up until last year, I was in Europe working directly for the EU and NATO in an
International communications/public relations executive type role liaising with numerous governments and top government officials.

Prior to this post, I worked in marketing/communications in top management roles for 2 of the world's largest companies. In my last role, I worked overseeing and with the direct accountability of high volume business on 3 continents.

I have about 8 years of solid work experience and a great track record (IE: references) of being results-driven and getting the job done.
Despite being Argentine, I have a strong US-style work ethic but am still international and "authentically down home" enough to successfully do business in countries like Argentina.

I would also be bringing to the table a very wide network of great contacts (government/politics, professional, and personal) that could certainly prove useful to any company, that comes with having grown-up in a family involved with international politics in Argentina.

I'm basically just looking for my next "step" in life right now, and a unique opportunity that would allow me the chance to live decently in BA with my family nearby. My desired salary range is 12.000 pesos +. I'm open to feedback and to try new things and would not be opposed starting as an independent contractor.

I can provide a detailed CV for anybody who is interested.