Looking forward to moving to BA


Dec 28, 2006
Hi Everybody.
My name is Carl Or Carlos if you Prefer, everybody else does. I planing to move to BA in june after I complete my two years of Spanish language classes. I have been to BA twice in the last 3 year and have become intrigued with the city. I am retired and have a lots of energy and curiousity. I look forward to reading you comments on this fourm.
Hola Gente.
I will be completing my 2nd year of Spanish language classes in June. I am planning to visit South America for 6 months using Buenos Aires as my base. I also would like to rent an apartment their in Bs As and absorb the language and the culture, I have visited Argentina twice. I am planing to go in late October when the weather changes. I would like to go before then but I don't know what the weather will be like in Bs As in June, I know that it will be winter there. I would like very much your comments about visiting at that time of the year.