Looking to buy or barter for books for a bar library


Jun 30, 2008
Hola Expats,
I am looking to buy or barter for new or used books to fill a small library in my bar/cafe. As I am situated near Santa Fe I have located been shopping around in the numerous book stores located up and down it and will use them as a soucre.
What i do not have is a large budget and so I expect that it will be a slow process to put together a decent collection. So if anyone is interested in selling or bartering off any books ( prefer hard copies, but any and all would be great ) at a reasonable sum/trade please drop me a note.
For trade: I have a steady ( 1 or 2 times per month ) supply network from the States that can bring items you may need. Other than that I am an accomplished builder outiftted with a large, by Argentina standards, tools and equipment that I would consider lending out and of course a beverage/food tab at my business.
Ok then hope to here back from any interested members.
I may be able to send some books your way when I ship my collection over in January. It's a ways in the future though but PM me as we get closer if you still need some.