Looking to buy or rent a 12 passenger van


Aug 29, 2009
I'm trying to find a reasonable rate to rent a 12 passenger car for 2 months starting mid December. Rates are ridiculously high. Worse case I will have to purchase one (such as a Hyundai H-1).
Any suggestions or recommendations regarding these 2 options?
My only suggestion is good luck:eek:

1) Are you a resident? Purchasing a car isn't easy. And it would be very, very expensive
2) I don't know that I've seen a car that big - for sure they're not going to be easy to find.
3) Did you try calling the major car companies (Avis/Hertz/etc) to see if they can negotiate a monthly rate? I don't know if they do it here but they do in the US and it's usually cheaper.

All that being said - large car & 2 months is going to be a very expensive thing whichever route you choose.
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Renting a vehicle like that is very, very difficult. You could make look at used car lots and see if you can get a deal on a rental. Alas rental has 7 passenger VW Sharans. It might be a whole lot cheaper to rent two of those, hire a driver and go in tandem.
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As far as I know, legally, it will be impossible for you to rent anything with more than 5 seats, since insurance will not cover you, nor the rental company. Actually, I think it only covers 4 people in the car.

To rent anything bigger, you will need a professional licensed driver with a CNRT registered vehicle.

It is very possible that renters (non serious ones) will say it is not true, but I have a friend in the business and he couldn't rent me an H1 for these reasons.

If I am wrong, please post it, in order to clear the doubt to others.

Best luck.
Anybody can rent or buy a 12 passenger van in Argentina and get insurance for it, Renting (there are many van rental agencies) is very expensive so sometimes it can be a better deal to buy it and sell it when you are done with it even if you only need it for a month or two. You can buy a used 12 passenger van like a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 300 series on www.mercadolibre.com.ar starting at around USD $10k. Below I'm copying how to buy a car or van from another thread.

Updated info 2009 on buying a car in Argentina.

This information is updated 2009, legal, verified, and tried several times by me and different foreigners in 2009, to buy and transfer a car in Argentina. There is many ways to buy and transfer a car in Argentina, there are cheap and easy ways and there are complicated and expensive ways.

I am first going to explain the cheap and easy do it yourself way.

To start all you need is Passport from any country with the normal 90 day tourist stamp you get when you enter Argentina.
Print the 1 page form online here http://www.afip.gob.ar/genericos/for...s/pdf/f663.pdf and fill it out. This form is changed in 2009 so make sure it says nuevo modelo underneath the F. 663. Now take this form and your Passport and go to any AFIP office, you can ask any Taxi driver where they are located or you can look it up online www.afip.gob.ar/home/
Now you will get your CDI number the same day.
Now you are ready to buy your car, it is as easy as that.

Get on www.mercadolibre.com.ar or search the local newspapers or go to a new or used car dealer.
The cheapest way will be buying from an individual, so the following is what you need to do if you are buying from a private person.

Find the car, inspect the car carefully and low ball the seller with a low offer, they are all asking to much money for the cars here but will accept substantially less if you treat them with respect.Once you come to an agreement do NOT give the seller any money YET, tell him to come with you or meet you at the nearest Registro National De La Propiedad Del Automotor this is the title transfer office, they are also all over the place just ask a taxi driver or look it up online http://www.dnrpa.gov.ar/ . When you get there have the seller hand over the papers(Titulo, Cedula Verde, Forma 12, ID) to the person behind the counter and tell him you want to transfer this car but first make sure the paperwork is correct and how much money the seller owes in unpaid tickets and taxes on this car, this has to be paid there before you can transfer. When you find out that everything is OK with the paperwork and the amount due in unpaid tickets and taxes (if any) you can give the seller his money and transfer the car right there and then. All the forms you need to transfer will be there like the Forma 08. There are a some forms the seller needs to bring like the, Titulo, Cedula Verde, Forma 12, ID, but you as the buyer only needs to bring the CDI and your Passport. This process is very easy and the people here working at the different government offices are extremely nice and helpful even if you don't speak much castellano, they will guide you and the seller in the right direction and tell you what you need and don't need to transfer you car.

Your second option is to use one of the many highly educated Gestoria del Automotor or Gestor, or an Escribano or Abogado or Doctor or Professor in these subjects, it is unbelievable the highly educated help you can get to transfer a car,(how can you not LOVE Argentina) but also expect to pay in accordance and expect to wait a lot longer.

I know there are many treads on this site saying you need all kinds of documentation like residency, DNI, etc,etc to buy a car when you are a foreigner this is NOT true as of 2009, ALL you need is a PASSPORT of any nationality and a CDI.
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As DA says it is actually a very simple process and the people at AFIP etc. proved to be pretty helpful. The only thing he omitted is that in addition to your passport, you need a Certificate of Domicile from your local Prefectura in order to get a CDI. This is easy to obtain if you have a rental contract or other phone or utitlity bills. If not (for instance if you are staying in a hotel) the prefectura need to send someone round to check you are staying where you claim, which can take 2-3 days. Actually, when they failed to send anyone, I just sat myself down in their office and launched into a long story, until they glazed over and wrote me one there and then. Also, make sure you have lots of photocopies of everything for them to staple onto their forms.

Don't be intimidated - the system does work here!
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