Looking to meet some new people


I just signed up in order to meet more people in BA. I will be here until mid-November and was wondering if anyone lived near the Palermo/Las Canitas area, maybe someone might be interested in introducing me to some new people. I see that there is a dinner coming up and the Thursday night gathering, which I'm planning on attending, but I was looking to make some new friends before then.

Thanks for the help in advance!

hi everyone,
i am currently visiting ba and would love to meet fellow ex-new yorkers! i will be here until the end of december..so if you fancy meeting up for coffee or drinks let me know!
hey patrick,
i live in palermo as well, so if you'd fancy meeting up for coffee sometime let me know!
Hey, yes now that I've settled in a bit, it would be nice to go out for dinner with other people rather than just by myself! lol -- I don't mind eating alone at breakfast or lunch, but dinner just always kind of sucks when you're by youself! I'm also in the area, maybe we can organise a dinner sometime soon (someone else should take charge of the organising, I'm terrible at that sort of thing!)